We make DIY lawns easy.



We make DIY lawns easy.

Your healthy lawn is an investment into the beauty and value of your home, your neighborhood and the local ecosystem. Having served homeowners for over forty years, we understand that:

  • You want your turf to look and feel great.
  • You want your lawn maintenance to be minimal and manageable.
  • You want to be environmentally responsible.

The environment is always on our mind. From biodegradable netting on our big rolls, to improving water absorption and reducing run-off with healthy aerated soil, to boosting CO2 absorption and the production of oxygen, to helping regulate the temperature of your home and reduce the electricity needed by your air conditioner, investing in your lawn has a positive impact on your home and your community.

At Blue Grass Enterprises, we strive help you achieve your goals through our exceptional products. 


It's easy. 

1. Read this information on how to prepare the area, how to order and install sod, and how to ensure the best chances of success for your new sod. 

2. Call us (319-842-2165) to place your order. If possible, please give us at least 24 hours advance notice.


All of our pricing is based on square footage. Call us (319-842-2165) with your project measurements and we are happy to give you pricing based on your needs.


We recommend doing a soil sampling before starting any fertilizer program. We will analyze the sample results to make recommendations based on the actual nutrient deficiencies (or surpluses) in your yard.

We designed our four-step maintenance program to give homeowners an exceptional lawn with minimal effort and maximum results. Lost your spreader settings manual? No problem. Click here for suggested settings for our products.

Additional information is available on aerationwatering and best mowing practices.

Finally, we have a reputation as a great provider of products and expertise, but we want to know how we can get even better. Please share with us how your recent experience went on our Facebook page and keep checking back for new and better ideas and product!


Blue Grass Lawn Products

Blue Grass Lawn Products

An established lawn requires minimal maintenance to retain its beautiful appearance. We offer both a 3-Step and a 4-Step Program to find the option that best fits your needs.


To design your most effective lawn maintenance program, we highly recommend a soil sample test. Your results will help us to suggest a personalized schedule to get your lawn on track. Once your lawn looks the way you like it, maintain the look using these suggested applications each year. For suggested spreader settings click here: Spreader Settings & Use.


We now offer two programs for you to decide which option might be best for you and your lawn: Our original 4-Step Program and a new Acelepryn 3-Step Program (Low Risk Insecticide) option.


13-13-13 (Triple 13):  Great starter fertilizer for new lawns or to quickly green-up a mature yard. Works well on any lawn.

22-0-5 w/ Dimension: Slow-release fertilizer (3 months) with pre-emergent, crabgrass control.  Do not apply to newly seeded areas.

32-0-5 w/ Dimension + Acelepryn: Slow-release fertilizer (4 months) with pre-emergent, crabgrass control and pre-emergent insect control.  Do not apply to newly seeded areas. Labeled by as EPA “Low Risk Insecticide” for pollinator species and earthworms.

22-0-4 w/ Merit: Fertilizer w/ insect control. Apply before grubs and mole crickets hatch. Water within 24 hours. Do not mow until granules are watered in. Use anytime June through mid-August. Children and pets may re-enter after the treated area has been watered in and allowed to dry. For bluegrass billbug prevention apply in March or April. 

22-0-8 w/ Q3: Fertilizer with perennial broadleaf and annual weed grass control. Use in fall. Apply to a wet lawn (early morning when still dewey or frosty), and no rain is predicted for 24 hours. Do not mow or irrigate for 24 hours.

For timely reminders on when you apply each step, follow us on Facebook!


Following the 4-Step program above should keep you from having to react to problems in your yard very often. However, even the most well kept yards may need a quick “pick-me-up” application from time to time. Here is a list of other products worth considering:

Gypsum:  An environmentally friendly soil conditioner that makes nutrients more readily available to the root system. Turns heavy clay-like soil into an open porous structure (relieving compaction) that allows for an early spring green-up and for more nutrients to be released to the plants throughout the year.  Gypsum also aids in the repair of yellow spots in dog damaged lawns and winter salt damage.

Lime: A soil conditioner and source of calcium and magnesium. Lime is a pH adjuster that raises the pH of soil. Only apply lime if you have determined your soil pH with a soil sample

Dylox: Controls white grubs*, sod webworms and cutworms. Water thoroughly within 24 hours after applying. Do not mow until granules are watered in. Starts working within 24 hours. Degrades quickly - does not linger.

*A few grubs in your yard is not an infestation. The general rule with grub control is that you need to treat your yard if you have more than 10 grubs per square foot.


Spreader Settings & Usage

Spreader Settings & Usage

Suggested spreader settings for Blue Grass Four Step Program products.

How do I know which spreader setting to use? 

Click on the images below to see your suggested spreader setting for each of our 4 Step Program products. If you do not own a spreader that is listed as an example, continue reading below on how to calibrate your own spreader.

How do I calibrate my spreader?

1. Weigh out an appropriate amount of product to cover 1000 sq. ft.

  • 13-13-13 = 7 pounds

  • 20-0-5 w/ Dimension = 4.6 pounds

  • 32-0-5 w/ Dimension + Acelepryn = 4 pounds

  • 21-0-4 w/ Merit = 3.5 pounds

  • 20-0-8 w/ Q3 = 4 pounds

2. Set your spreader for a test run. The following recommendations are for the 4 Step products:

  • 13-13-13 = 67% open

  • 22-0-4 w/ Dimension = 25% open

  • 32-0-4 w/ Dimension + Acelepryn = 25% open

  • 21-0-4 w/ Merit = 20% open

  • 20-0-8 w/ Q3 = 25% open

3. Close your spreader; pour in the test run product. Mark where you start. Distribute the product along a long straight area. Walk a straight line while distributing the product. Stop and mark the spot the moment you empty the spreader.

4. Calculate the square footage that you spread the product. (width x length)

5. You should be close to covering 1000 square feet. If you were a little short, close the setting a little. If you covered more, open the settings a little more. Repeat the exercise in a different area until you find the correct setting.

6. Record the correct setting for your long term reference.


The Turf Times

Timely lawn care tips delivered right to your email. 

The Turf Times

Timely lawn care tips delivered right to your email. 

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