Other Products & Services

Specialized netting, installers, lawn care products & mole traps

Our semis can haul 10,000 sq/ft of sod

Our semis can haul 10,000 sq/ft of sod

Sod Delivery

Blue Grass Enterprises offers delivery services for purchases of 5,000 square feet or more. See Purchasing & Hauling for more information on hauling and paying for your sod.

Big Roll Sod Installer Rental

For larger jobs, there are 2 options for sod installers. Our Big Roll Installers (Brouwers) can save you time (see on the left for a short video). A Brouwer is available to rent in one day increments. We can deliver it with the sod and show you how easy it is to operate. 3-Point Hitches are also available for installation using tractors or skid loaders. 


We also carry a wide range of Lawn Maintenance Products to help you establish and maintain your lawn. Click here to find out more: Blue Grass 4 Step Turf Products


We carry two Scotts rotary spreaders for purchase: The Edgeguard Deluxe and the Accupro 2000. For larger yards, we can order specialized spreaders that attach to your tractor or mower. Stop in and we can help you find which spreader best fits your needs.  For more information on how to use your spreader click here: Spreaders Settings & Use

Biodegradable Netting

Conwed’s Ecocycle Netting is available upon request to be used with our big rolls. Click here for more information - Ecocycle Turf Netting.pdf

Sod Staples

6” x 2” sod staples for use when installing sod on a severe slope.


We highly recommend that you strap down your sod before leaving our sod farm.  For your convenience, we do offer a ratchet strap that works well for doing just that.


Moles can destroy a lawn quickly. We offer the Eliminator Mole Trap to rid your lawn of these pesky critters. The Eliminator is easy to use and very effective.