Blue Grass Enterprises offers delivery services. The minimum amount for a delivery is 50 square (5,000 square feet) which is about half a semi load. Our semis haul up to 10,000 square feet (100 square) of sod or more (depending on moisture content) per delivery. Call us at 319-842-2165 for an estimated delivery charge or to schedule a delivery. We recommend one to two weeks lead time to ensure optimal scheduling and prep time for both your team and ours.


For smaller quantities it may make more sense for you to pick the sod up yourself. Keep in mind that one square of sod weighs approximately 325 lb. (+/- 100 lb. based upon moisture). Here are some recommended vehicle limits:

  • Small to Mid-size Car - 1 Square
  • Big Car - 1.5 Square
  • Small Pickup Truck - 3 Square
  • Full Size Pickup - 4.5 Square (1 pallet)

Remember to bring blankets (if you are hauling sod in your vehicle) or straps to tie down the sod (if you are hauling in a pick up).

Sod is a perishable product, unused sod cannot be returned for refund or credit.