Sod & Seed Varieties

Available in Sod and Seed

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100% elite Kentucky bluegrass cultivars.  Master Blend is a blend of Kentucky bluegrass cultivars selected from the best of the best. Dark green, lush and low growing saving you time and money while providing years of enjoyment.  Universities around the country test hundreds of cultivars each year for characteristics like disease and insect resistance, drought, wear and shade tolerance, growth rate (for less mowing) and color qualities. From these results we select cultivars that will provide you a naturally dark green, thick and luxurious trouble free lawn. From home lawns to sports fields and golf courses, Master Blend is the best of the best.

  • Available in sod (flats or rolls) - no minimum order
  • Available in seed (2.5 lbs. and 25 lbs. bags)

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF®) was developed by The Barenbrug Group and is an advanced generation of turf-type tall fescue which produces rhizomes. The result is a tough, tolerant and thick turf that can withstand a lot of wear and drought. RTF also self-repairs which makes it ideal for high-use athletic fields. Click Rhizome Formation White Paper.pdf for more tall fescue comparisons, or RTF Heat Tolerance.pdf to look at drought resistance and water usage comparisons. Due to our reputation for high quality standards, Blue Grass Enterprises is the only licensed RTF® sod producer in Iowa. 

  • Available in sod (flats or rolls)
  • 4.5 square (450 sq/ft) minimum order in flats
  • Available in seed (50 lbs. bags)

Available in Seed

master blend

100% Kentucky Bluegrass blend (elite cultivars) that match the sod grown at Blue Grass Enterprises. This seed is ideal for those looking for a top quality lawn.

  • 2.5# or 25# bags

Nu Lawn

50% Kentucky Bluegrass (elite cultivars), 30% Perennial Ryegrass, 20% Creeping Fescue - Great if you’re looking for a top-quality, faster germinating seeded lawn.

  • 2.5# or 25# bags

dense shade

25% Kentucky Bluegrass, 25% Chewing Fescue, 25% Creeping Red Fescue, 25% Hard Fescue - Designed for areas that receives scarce amounts of sun. Works best in well drained soil with moderate fertility.

  • 2.5# or 25# bags

Self Feeding Lawn

55% Kentucky Bluegrass, 27% Creeping Red Fescue, 15% Perennial Ryegrass, 3% Microclover - This lawn seed mix includes a dwarf, small leaf clover that produces nitrogen naturally (9-10 months after germination). Nitrogen production means a reduction in fertilizer needs for the lawn once the lawn is established.

  • Special order item

Self Feeding No Mow

95% Hard Fescue, 5% Microclover - Grass seed mixture that requires little to no mowing and includes the advantages of microclover.  Microclover is a dwarf, small leaf clover that produces nitrogen naturally (9-10 months after germination). The advantage to you means a drastic reduction in how much you need to fertilize every year after the lawn is established.

  • Special order item