Suggested spreader settings for Blue Grass Four Step Program products.

How do I know which spreader setting to use? 

Click on the images below to see your suggested spreader setting for each of our 4 Step Program products. If you do not own a spreader that is listed as an example, continue reading below on how to calibrate your own spreader.

How do I calibrate my spreader?

1. Weigh out an appropriate amount of product to cover 1000 sq. ft.

  • 13-13-13 = 7 pounds

  • 20-0-5 w/ Dimension = 4.6 pounds

  • 32-0-5 w/ Dimension + Acelepryn = 4 pounds

  • 21-0-4 w/ Merit = 3.5 pounds

  • 20-0-8 w/ Q3 = 4 pounds

2. Set your spreader for a test run. The following recommendations are for the 4 Step products:

  • 13-13-13 = 67% open

  • 22-0-4 w/ Dimension = 25% open

  • 32-0-4 w/ Dimension + Acelepryn = 25% open

  • 21-0-4 w/ Merit = 20% open

  • 20-0-8 w/ Q3 = 25% open

3. Close your spreader; pour in the test run product. Mark where you start. Distribute the product along a long straight area. Walk a straight line while distributing the product. Stop and mark the spot the moment you empty the spreader.

4. Calculate the square footage that you spread the product. (width x length)

5. You should be close to covering 1000 square feet. If you were a little short, close the setting a little. If you covered more, open the settings a little more. Repeat the exercise in a different area until you find the correct setting.

6. Record the correct setting for your long term reference.